MUSES COLLECTION by Margy Lyubomirova

The collection is inspired by the role of the contemporary woman in society. She is successful, strong, courageous, dynamic and active. She follows her dreams and brings into life her ideas. She has an identity. Meanwhile, she is passionate, gentle and loving. She is a beautiful creature – flaming, innocent and tender. She is the harmony, balance and peace of life. She inspires. She is a MUSE. The colours and the forms that I have created are taken from nature because it is nature where I draw my strength and inspiration on and where I mostly feel the positive energy and harmony. I have reproduced the purity of the raindrop, the tenderness and the form of the dandelion and the feather, the blast of the wind and the blossoms of the desert rose. This collection is a result of my cooperation with Christophe Gaillet and the MK Production’s team – incredible professionals!

Hair: Margy Lyubomirova
Photo: Weronika Kosinska
Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska
Stylism: Waleria Tokarzewska – Karaszewicz
Production: MK Production & Christophe Gaillet shooting coaching